Culture FC Sports offers training sessions to athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our coaches provide top training programs to help players develop their technique and improve game knowledge. We are a Technique School designed to help all players develop knowledge on how, when, and where to properly execute their skills during performance.

We offer a MENU of technical skills to allow players to choose and prioritize skill development at different times.

We design training sessions to assist players in playing to the best of their abilities. We also offer evaluations to help players and parents understand the development process. These evaluations will help players understand the right technical program for the player according to their age, skill level, and commitment to the game.

Training Method

The training philosophy designed by Adriano De Lima consists of specific skills training sessions focused on helping players to properly understand and execute the skills at different levels. We will work on removing “bad habits” and improving players’ knowledge of their technical abilities to maximize performance.

We understand that every player develops and learns at different times. We can help players and parents understand the appropriate level and training program that they should be doing.

If players’ technical abilities are not good and consistent, they will face many difficulties with:
– Footwork
– TacticsConfidence
– Speed of play
– Game awareness
– Timing


The “Escolinha” (Little School in Portuguese) training program will introduce players to all the basic knowledge, body form and fundamentals of each skill to help players create a foundation for their technical development. Working on form and composure are great ways to begin development. This program will teach players to improve their form when preparing to perform any basic skill including passing, dribbling, trapping, shooting, juggling, ball control, cutting, turning, and heading. we will work on preparation, performance, and follow-through to maximize learning and development.

Escolinhas in Brazil are schools designed to prepare young players to learn and develop a high level of understanding on how to become professional soccer players. These types of soccer schools offer training services to players of all levels. Escolinhas are famous for preparing athletes for the next level and helping them on basic soccer learning including discipline, injury prevention, behavior (on/off the field), respect, sportsmanship, commitment, and love for the game.

Once players graduate from the “Escolinha” level, they will begin training at the “Boleiro” level.


“Boleiro” is a common word in Portuguese meaning “baller”. A Boleiro is considered to have great soccer skills including great technical ability, game awareness, tactical knowledge, and soccer wisdom. Boleiros are great at reading the game and adjusting to new situations because of their knowledge of the game. Normally, Boleiros are players who learned their basic skills at Escolinhas or the streets. Boleiros are very passionate soccer players with good basic technical skills, and take every opportunity to play a game on the field, park, beach, gym, or the beach.

Our Boleiro training program involves a combination of mental and physical training to allow players to increase confidence, game awareness and knowledge, improvisation, and skill combinations. This program helps players prepare for the next level.


The “Juniores” program is designed for older players looking to work on detailed high level skill development. Recommended to players playing or trying out for academy, college, or professional levels. This program will help players to gain more confidence, improvisation ability, winning mentality, game rhythm, training intensity, competitiveness, fitness and tactical knowledge.

Game Analysis

Any player wishing to be trained by Culture FC Sports will have to register for a game analysis session. We will watch the player’s full match to understand his/hers game knowledge, technical ability, speed of play, habits, etc. We will then provide a complete technical training program to help players improve their ability to play and understand the game.