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Culture FC Sports offers the opportunity to combine your favorite sport with an amazing vacation trip. With customized soccer vacations, you will have a fun soccer travel experience with the resort style vacation in great locations around the world. Now, everybody in your family can travel and enjoy their vacation with Culture FC Sports Travel.

Our Focus

Coach Adriano De Lima has developed a soccer program for players of all ages to improve their skills and ability to play the game. Our first focus is to teach players the basic techniques needed to play the game and be confident with the ball. Once the first focus is achieved, we work with the players to begin an advanced development program to help them improve specific skills and gain more knowledge and understanding on how to improve the technical, tactical, physical and mental components of soccer.

The training philosophy designed by Adriano De Lima consists of specific skills training sessions focused on helping players to properly understand and execute the skills at different levels. We will work on removing “bad habits” and improving players’ knowledge of their technical abilities to maximize performance.


The “Escolinha” (Little School in Portuguese) training program will introduce players to all the basic knowledge, body form and fundamentals of each skill to help players create a foundation for their technical development. Working on form and composure are great ways to begin development.


Our Boleiro training program involves a combination of mental and physical training to allow players to increase confidence, game awareness and knowledge, improvisation, and skill combinations. This program helps players prepare for the next level.


The “Juniores” program is designed for older players looking to work on detailed high level skill development. Recommended to players playing or trying out for academy, college, or professional levels.

Our Mission

Success! Our goal is to provide all the tools necessary for players to succeed and achieve their goals as soccer players. We love knowing players from our school are being productive and helping their team succeed. Players from our school have the opportunity to make an positive impact in their teams by developing unique individual skills and abilities.
Soccer. Travel. Culture.

Culture FC Sports offers training sessions to athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our coaches provide top training programs to help players develop their technique and improve game knowledge. We are a Technique School designed to help all players develop knowledge on how, when, and where to properly execute their skills during performance.

  • Technical
  • Physical
  • Tactical
  • Mental

Become part of the Culture FC Sports Program and get professional guidance from our coaches. Sign up for our Monthly Program and enjoy the benefits of being a Culture FC Sports athlete*. Pay per month instead of per session to receive the benefits including evaluations, player assessments, guidance, travel opportunities and more.


Our Team

Culture FC Sports is a Soccer Training and Travel Management company designed to offer people from all over the globe with cultural experiences, educational opportunities, sport activities, and travel services. We are a football culture that shares soccer interests, values, attitudes, and goals created to make soccer part of your lifestyle.
Adriano De Lima
Owner / Program Director
Adriano De Lima began playing competitive soccer at a very young age. He grew up in Brazil and played with several professional teams including SC Corinthians Paulista and Flamengo (GRU). He has been traveling around the world as a soccer player and trainer since he was 12 years old.
Leo Caldas
Technique Development
Coaching Experience: Express Coach – 2014 to present Assistant Coach PASL Indoor Professional League – TOROS MEXICO – 2011-2014 Assistant Coach – HOTSPURS USA – 2011 Director of Youth Tournament – 2009-2014 Coach – Chula Vista Elementary School – 1999-2002 Coach – Albion SC -1998
Tiago Saint Clair
Vincent Valdez
Coach Vinny
Gilbert Bita

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