Culture FC Sports is excited to announce its Footvolley Development Program. We will start offering classes and clinics to players, parents and coaches interested in learning and playing footvolley. Our Footvolley Program will be introduced with Beach Soccer Program during the Spring and Summer months.


Footvolley (Portuguese: Futevôlei) is a sport which combines aspects of beach volleyball and football (soccer). Footvolley combines field rules that are based on those of beach volleyball with ball-touch rules taken from Soccer. Essentially footvolley is beach volleyball except no hands and a soccer ball replaces the volleyball.

In recent years, professional soccer players have taken up footvolley in both promotional events and celebrity matches. Some notable Brazilian footballers who have played (or still play) footvolley are: Romário, Edmundo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Júnior, and Edinho.

The sport is relatively new outside of Brazil; however because Brazilians constitute the greatest number of professional footballers … those living in beach climates were the first ones to bring their futevôlei with them.

Amateur Brazilian footvolley athletes also took the sport to Europe, the United States, and Asia. Many of the new footvolley athletes saw the sport as great training tool for soccer. Others simply liked learning a difficult; but rewarding sport where one gets so many touches on the ball.

The very first international footvolley event held outside of Brazil was sponsored by the United States Footvolley Association in March of 2003. This relatively small event is what kick-started the international grown of the sport.

The next few years from 2003 – 2007; an explosion of international footvolley events created tons of additional exposure for the sport. Major events were held in many of the world’s best beach cities in Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Holland, Aruba, Thailand, Brazil, etc. Now, footvolley is played all over the world.